Witton Barracks is a historic WWII site reimagined as a playground for ideas.

In collaboration with the local Indooroopilly community, we are transforming the site into a thriving community and social enterprise hub.

We have three main focuses for impact:

  1. Employment: Witton Barracks will create employment opportunities for underrepresented communities.
  2. Community development: Witton Barracks will serve as a gathering place where everyone, no matter their background, can participate in activities, form connections, and strengthen their sense of community and belonging.
  3. Innovation and discovery: Witton Barracks will provide educational opportunities, resources, and services to the community in various subjects becoming a place where you can explore, learn, and reimagine the future.


Our Vision

A place to connect and create.


Our Mission

To improve lives through connection, creativity and employment.


Our Purpose

To strengthen community connection, attract creative thinkers, nurture bold ideas, and create jobs. 

The team behind the operations and management of Witton Barracks is White Box Enterprises.

We are a team of bold entrepreneurs on a mission to mainstream jobs-focused social enterprise so that every person, in every town, that is struggling to find a job has the option of a pathway to employment through social enterprise.

We find ourselves here in Witton Barracks because like us, Brisbane City Council also sees the value of social enterprise. Their support for social enterprise, particularly the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2022, has had many positive ripple effects across our city. This new community and social enterprise hub is just one of them. We’re excited to work alongside them to bring this space to life. 

How does witton barracks align with white box’s Mission?

White Box was established to create meaningful employment opportunities for underserved individuals and communities in Australia.

This continues with Witton Barracks.

We are dedicated to creating job opportunities for underrepresented communities.

This includes offering direct employment within the project’s operations, collaborating with local social enterprises, businesses, and industries to establish job openings, and implementing job training and skills development initiatives to empower community members for success in the workforce.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises are essentially businesses for good. They operate like any other commercial business but exist specifically to make the world a better place. 

To borrow the definition from our friends at Social Traders, there are three defining features of a social enterprise.

  • They’re purpose-driven: they have a defined primary social, cultural or environmental purpose consistent with a public or community benefit.
  • A substantial portion of their revenue comes from trade (so selling a product or service), and
  • The efforts and resources invested into their purpose, outweighs private benefit. 

White Box Enterprises are focused solely on jobs-focused social enterprises. The primary purpose of these businesses is to create jobs and career pathways to people who face barriers to work. 

If you are a social enterprise who would like to join our hub – Get in touch today!